Dawson creek

Dawson Creek , Mile “0” of the Alaska Highway in British Columbia (BC), has several hotels, motels and inns. The Alaska Hwy starts in Dawson Creek (Mile 0) and leads north via Fort St. John, Fort Nelson to Muncho Lake.

Spending the night in Dawson Creek saves you a day on your recreational journey to Alaska as the next convenient overnight stop is Muncho Lake, British Columbia

This change in tourism travel pattern is possible, since the Alaska Hwy is now all paved and a much easier and faster road to travel then it was 20 years ago.

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A day’s travel north from Muncho Lake takes you less then 8 hours to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. 

Many tourists who take a recreational drive on the Alaska Highway through British Columbia, the Yukon and into Alaska spend a night at one of the many accommodations offered in Dawson Creek. Leaving Dawson Creek and heading north to Alaska takes you thru Fort St. John then on to Fort Nelson for a well deserved lunch stop. Your most scenic drive is between Fort Nelson and beautiful Muncho Lake. Driving time from Dawson Creek, BC up the Alaska Hwy to Muncho Lake is 8 hours or 442 miles. You will experience lots of wildlife viewing for caribou, stone sheep, moose, elk, deer and some bear. An experience unsurpassed even by Banff National Park. The Alaska Hwy winds its way through the Muskwa / Kechika Wilderness recreation area, also known as the Serengeti of the North.

If you are looking for another days traveling over the Alaska Hwy, consider spending the following night in the capital city of the Yukon, Whitehorse. Dawson Creek, Mile 0, and Whitehorse are both a leisurely day's drive on the all paved Alaska Hwy south, respectively north of Muncho Lake.

By spending the night in Dawson Creek, Muncho Lake and Whitehorse, you will save a day on our journey, as you will not have to spend a night in either Watson Lake or Fort Nelson. 

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