Fort Nelson

Fort Nelson, BC at Mile 300 of the Alaska Highway offers motel and hotel accommodation for tourists in northern British Columbia. The Fort Nelson Hotel together with various other hotels provide year-round lodging for oil filed workers and travelers alike.

If you want to save a day on your travel to Alaska, consider spending the nights accommodation in a hotel at Dawson Creek, mile 0 of the Alcan, Muncho Lake, in the heart of the Muskwa/Kechika Wilderness area and then in Whitehorse, Yukon. This convenient and time saving change in Alaska Hwy tourist touring by car and RV is now easily possible since the Alaska Hwy in the Fort Nelson region is all paved and much easier to travel then it was as recently as 20 years ago.

Alaska Highway Driving Times

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The booming exploration for natural gas and oil in the Fort Nelson area frequently books out all of Fort Nelson’s hotels, motels and other local accommodations.

Muncho Lake on the other hand is only a 2 ½ hours drive north of Fort Nelson at Mile 462 of the Alaska Hwy and offers year-round, full service accommodation in a modern hotel. Muncho Lake is a provincial park and as such does not get the influx of oil and gas exploration crews. Another advantage of spending the night in the Fort Nelson area at Muncho Lake is that you will reach Whitehorse, Yukon the next day if you travel north on the Alaska Hwy. This is an easy days drive of less than 8 hours.

If you are traveling south from Muncho Lake, Fort St. John, Dawson Creek or Grande Prairie will be your next nights Alaska Hwy accommodation stop.

The Northern Rocky Mountains in the Fort Nelson region are BC‘s largest protected wilderness area and provincial park. The Muskwa/Kechika is a world class tourism destination. Tourism in northern BC to this remote and game rich wilderness jewel is only now starting to catch on.

National Geographic did a feature on the Muskwa Kechika in November 08. Muncho Lake at mile 462 of the Alaska Hwy is the main gateway to the Serengeti of the north. Also Nahanni National Park with world renowned ”Virginia Falls” can be visited conveniently by aircraft out of Muncho Lake. RV campgrounds at Fort Nelson and Muncho Lake offer plenty of accommodation for motor home travelers. The Fort Nelson heritage museum on the north end of town is a must see for any Alcan traveler driving between Fort Nelson and Muncho Lake. 

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