Corporate functions, team building retreats and seminars: The Northern Rockies Lodge is an ideal location for your company retreat. It offers several important advantages. Firstly, the remote location guarantees no distractions for your corporate team. Secondly, the atmosphere around the Northern Rocky Mountains and Muncho Lake in particular is very serene. Your team will feel the effects of this atmosphere realized in the form of higher concentration levels and general sharpening of their skills. Finally the wilderness engulfing Muncho Lake and more so our Outpost Cabins compels people to work together to achieve common goals.

There are several venues in our property suitable for various functions including team building retreats and seminars, training seminars, board meetings and other similar functions.


Our Venues


Dining Room and Lounge (with deck): Beautiful, spacious and airy spaces with great log cabin atmosphere and rich with original art work and wood carvings. Our Dining room and Lounge are ideal to hold corporate team building retreats and seminars.


Our dining room set up for a corporate event

Outdoor Barbeque and Picnic Area: Situated right on the lakeshore between our Cedar House and the Grants Cabin. It features a large stone fire pit and picnic tables. As you enjoy your food in the sun, you will be impressed by the beauty engulfing you around Muncho Lake.

Rates: The Outdoor Barbeque and Picnic Area is available with the rental of Cedar House and Grants Cabin. Otherwise contact us for pricing.

Gazebo: Our Gazebo is located right on the lake front with beautiful views of the lake and the majestic Mount Peterson. It has a large stone-made fire pit and roofed seating area. Additional picnic tables can be available as well.

Rates: The Gazebo is free for guests to use.

Corporate Team Building Events in Our Wilderness Mountain Cabins: Our Wilderness Mountain Cabins provide for excellent opportunity for team building experience like no other. Imagine your team being flown in to some of the most remote and beautiful lakes around North America. They will enjoy some of the best fishing in the world with plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities.

Of course being out in the wilderness will require your team to work together to "survive". They will get everything they need in the cabins including comfortable beds and mattresses, all cooking gear, a gas stove, a fire place for heating, canoes and boats with motor and gas. They will also enjoy an outdoor picnic table and fire pit as well as all the logs they will ever need and an axe to chop it.

Your team will have to work together to fish, make a fire, prepare the food and cleanup. They will have plenty of opportunities to bond over the bonfire and go on hikes around the lake. It would be a team building experience that is sure to stay with your team long after they are back to work.

Rates: Daytime rate is $575 per person, Overnight stay rate is $150 / per person, per night + $1100 / per person for flight (max capacity 6 people)

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