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Whitehorse, YK, is the largest town along the Alaska Hwy. Many hotels, motels and lodges in Whitehorse, Yukon are specialized to offer accommodation to Alaska Hwy travelers on their northern adventure.

Overnight guests in Whitehorse hotels travel the day before from Muncho Lake, at Mile 462 of the Alaska Hwy in northern BC Canada.

Alaska Highway Driving Times

Alaska highway distances map to and from Muncho Lake

Traveling along the well maintained Alaska Hwy between Whitehorse and Muncho Lake takes less the 8 hours. If you travel during the winter months, northern lights are frequently observed along the Alcan. Very few hotels and motels offer year-round accommodation along the Alaska Hwy in the Yukon and northern BC, however Muncho Lake offers year-round hotel accommodations.

Whitehorse is an easy days drive away from Muncho Lake. Plan your White horse accommodation well in advance. Book your Muncho Lake hotel accommodation online.

Whitehorse, the capital city of the Yukon, still has the charm of a frontier town. Traveling the Alaska Hwy is not such an adventure anymore, if you plan your hotel and motel stays carefully. A typical itinerary for the Alaska Hwy traveler includes overnight hotel stays in White horse, Muncho Lake and Dawson Creek or Fort St. John.


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