75 anniversary alaska highway

Alaska Highway Roadshow Dinner July 20, 2017


Dinner is sold out! 6:30 to 9:30 pm


Join us for a night of dining and entertainment in commemoration of the Alaska Highways 75th anniversary.  Enjoy a gourmet 5 course historically themed meal featuring locally foraged ingredients and a few modern twists, followed closely by the final performance of the Alaska Highway Roadshow.  This will surely be a historic night at Muncho Lake!

75th anniversary roadshow

about the Alaska Highway Roadshow

The AHRS celebrates the Trail of '42 with three artists whose families have a long history in the north. Bill Dolan, Allison Tubman and Kathy Jessup weave together research, family stories, music, artifacts and photographs to present an entertaining look back on the route's remarkable 75 year history. Raised as "highway kids," they lend an authentic voice to this 90-minute tribute concert. Audiences will gain an appreciation of why the Alaska Highway deserves to be Canada's newest National Historic Site, and why truckers and all those who've called it home over the years, proudly share a special bond. The Trail of '42 is a remarkable story, and as the Highway reaches its 75th birthday, this is the time to tell it!  To find out more please visit the official Alaska Highway Roadshow website at by following this link! 


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The Dinner Sold out!

Chef Daniel and his Kitchen crew will be hard at work, creating a tasting menu that pairs to the Alaska Highway Roadshow.  The crew will be featuring both locally foraged and historically inspired dishes.  This exclusive meal will be limited to 50 guests, vegetarian/vegan, child options available with pre-booking.  Worry not even army grub can be made into a gourmet delight!  

To not spoil to much of the menu we've compiled a few hints on the themes of each course:

1. Cold Appetizer:  "A childhood along the Highway, the adventures and memories of youth."  

2. Hot appetizer: "those who made it and the ones that keep it alive, working the Alcan."

3. Main course: "Endless mountains, rivers, lakes a supernatural land and its first settlers."

 4. Pre-dessert/non alcoholic digestef: "Are we there yet? A journey into the wild."

5. Dessert:  "a land of the past, present and future connected by a highway that links us all to nature"