Flightseeing Tours

Explore the northern Rockies and the Muskwa Kechika region (also known as the "Serengeti of the North") from the air and witness some of the most untouched, spectacular views in North America. Our experienced and knowledgeable bush pilots will explain about the geography of the area and point out wildlife such as moose, mountain goats, Stone's sheep and caribou, which are often observed.

We offer local flightseeing, glacier sightseeing and Bush Pilot Adventure tours. Please see below for rates and bookings.


Bush Pilot Adventure

Join our bushpilot Urs on one of his charter flights to some of the most remote and spectacular lakes and rivers in North America. This is a great opportunity for aviation enthusiasts who want to experience the exciting daily life of a bush pilot first hand. Every bushpilot adventure includes a landing on a remote lake. Get to know your bush pilot with over 40 years of flying experience and enjoy listening to his stories and experiences. Bushpilot adventures are subject to space availability. If you book at 3 nights accommodation at the lodge, we guarantee a flight. We also accept single bookings. $350 per person.

SPECIAL: All-Inclusive 3 Night BC Aerial Tour

Our most unique, spectacular flight from Vancouver, BC to Muncho Lake, BC in British Columbia's remote Northern Rockies. Soar in the comfort of your private floatplane and experience and eagle's view of the Coast Mountain range, Interior Plateau, Williston Lake and the Muskwa-Kechika, BC's largest protected area and provincial park. Arrive at Muncho Lake, a stone throw's south of the Yukon border. $1950 CAD per person. Departs May 20th, May 25th, Oct 12th and Oct 12th. Contact us at to book this limited special.

Muncho Lake Provincial Park Flightseeing Tour

Take a 30 minutes aerial tour of Muncho Lake Provincial Park and the northern most peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Enjoy the breathtaking views with a good chance to see wildlife. Observe various sections of the historic Alaska Highway. Must be booked with a minimum of 1 night accommodation. Group rate for up to 6 passengers $700, group rate for up to 9 passengers $1000.

Glacier Flightseeing Tour

Soar over the Battle of Britain Range and see the glaciers of Mount Roosevelt, Mount Churchill and countless other icefields in the northern Rocky Mountains. Keep an eye out for mountain goats, caribou and moose. You won’t soon forget this unique experience! Must be booked with a minimum of 1 night accommodation. Group rate for up to 6 passengers $1300, group rate for up to 9 passengers $1900.

Virginia Falls in Nahanni National Park Air Charter Day Tour

Visit spectacular Virginia Falls while traveling the famous Alaska Highway! Fly out from the beautiful and conveniently located Northern Rockies Lodge in Muncho Lake to Nahanni National Park, Canada’s first UNESCO World Heritage site. Enjoy the breathtaking view and thunderous roar of the iconic Virginia Falls. Includes a packed lunch and a 2.5 hour stop over at Virginia Falls.

Guided Wokkpash Flightseeing and Hiking Tour

The Wokkpash Gorge is one of the hidden gems of the Muskwa Kechika. Enjoy a 40 minute scenic flight to Wokkpash Lake, where you will see the spectacular hoodoos and rock formations. After landing at the lake, there will be a guided hike along the canyon rim guided by our Bush Pilots. Group rate for up to 6 passengers $3200, group rate for up to 9 passengers $5000.

Tip: Liard Tours bundles many of our flight excursions and great accommodation in spectacular 5 day and 8 day all-inclusive packages.

These packages include round trip airfare from Vancouver, Canada, all meals, stay in our luxurious lakeshore chalets and multiple fly-outs to spectacular locations like the Nahanni and the Wokkpash.